NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is a realistic basketball simulation that offers a number of new features. One such addition, the shot-stick aiming system, allows players to take control over their shots rather than relying on timing alone and also creates an interesting learning curve for experienced aspirants by providing them with more challenges without making it too difficult at first. Hitting green shots feels immensely satisfying because they require precision and are harder to obtain than red or yellow ones which can be achieved through luck if you’re not careful enough in your maneuvers!

Between baskets NBA 2K20 includes several small upgrades but remains relatively unchanged if you’ve played any recent year’s iteration before now; my favorite being the new shot stick aimer that slows down fast paced gameplay allowing

Publisher: 2K Sports
Developer: Visual Concepts

The city is bigger than you think

Graphics are great

My player builder is new and unique (more freedom to make a build that fits your play style)

New Mycareer path before NBA (G league)

New hairstyles (about 5)

Movement is much smoother (much less sliding on defense)

New animations in most categories (added a step back category)

You get a free skateboard to move around city (can also grind rails)

Curry slide and screens were nerfed

Physics have been improved

NPC's in city give you rewards upon completion

More music added to playlist

With perfect timing you can green nearly any shot from anywhere (can also be a con)

Added slides, chains, and face masks

You can dribble a ball around the city (regular ball is free)

New park jump shot emotes and landings

You can shoot around when you hop on a got next spot

Double takeovers are back

Load times are very fast

Haptic feedback (PS5) is terrible (but can be turned off)

Shot contest is very inconsistent (don't be surprised if players and cpu green/make "heavily" contested shots)

Rep meter for city is slow. Takes too long to rep up as a pro 1

No more daily spin (affiliation statues give out rewards)

Shot meter can be inconsistent at times (a slightly early release can move to a green release and vice versa)

No more shot vibration

Forced to play online if you don't like online before you get into the city (Rookieville)

Modded controllers still work

No more +4 attributes from gatorade facility drills

A lot of the same animations from current gen

A lot of animations were removed from animation store

My player builder is more limiting than you think (won't let you go past a certain number in a category even if you have enough points)

Some takeovers don't work like they're supposed to or have little to no effect

City is very choppy and nearly unplayable at times

Affiliations fill up so you might not be able to rep up equally with your friends if they get the game down the line and are in another affiliation

Face scan is very bad (makes face look wide or just crashes altogether)

No more barber shop

No more MyCourt

Badges are unbalanced for my player (certain positions get much more badges than others)

Pricing for clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. can be absurd (ex. a legend jersey could cost 35k VC which is 10 USD)

Feels like a pay to win (grinding feels extra unnecessary)

Contact dunk animations happen way too frequently

If you're not that good at timing your jump shot it might be harder to shoot

Lowest rating for attributes is 25 (you can have a 95 3 and a 25 free-throw rating. Even Shaq had a 50 free throw rating)

Can be hard to get games in city especially if your affiliation isn't the most popular

Clothes and accessories don't transfer even though most are EXACTLY the same from current gen.

Ante up is event only now

No new tattoos

Camera angles in MyCareer tend to switch to crowd when you're shooting free throws

Must wait 15 seconds to skip a timeout in G league

Some long and hanging hairstyles STILL don't move with your player (exception is Coby Whites hair)

Some good badges were completely removed

Takeovers from current gen. were just split up into 3 categories to make it seem like they added more

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